That perfect little cafe - Eidsvoll, Norway

There is nothing I enjoy more than checking out new cafes and relaxing there for a few hours. After a roughly seven our flight to the Oslo airport from the John F. Kennedy Airport in NYC, that’s exactly what Brandon and I set out to do.
The small, quaint village of Eidsvoll sits about 30 km northeast of Oslo. Last year when Brandon and I visited Oslo (more on that later) we stuck to the Gardenmoen area and downtown Oslo. This year we wanted to venture out more and see some of the countryside. Eidsvoll is only a ten minute ride on the regional railway, NSB.

Once at the Eidsvoll station, a short walk to the bridge, then across Vorma river, and you’re instantly in the downtown area. We walked around a few blocks to check out the area. Besides the cute architecture (if those two words go together!) one of my favorite parts was coming across a book store with the book “Captain Underpants” in the window, of course written in Norwegian. Growing up, that was one of my favorite series.  Visiting other countries and seeing familiar books, movies, and bands reminds me how small the world really is. I also admit, seeing the word “Underpants” in another language (“Supertruse” in Norwegian) also gave me a bit of a chuckle.

When we arrived at the cafe, Lunsjbaren Cafe, we were back to remembering ordering food in other languages can be rather difficult. This is something you forget when you haven’t been to Europe in a year. Thankfully the staff spoke a little bit of English. Usually the big cities in Europe, like Oslo, many of the workers speak several languages. It can be a toss up when going out to the smaller areas.

I was planning to get a salad, but not sure how it would be served I stuck to the same plate Brandon ordered: an omelet with ham and cheese, a side salad, and bread with some butter which was delicious. The coffee complimented the meal well.

The cafe itself was, like the buildings, super cute. Each table had place mats with a cute decor, including a vase and flower.Local artwork lined the walls for customers to buy. It was the perfect place to stop for lunch and relax for a little bit. It hadn’t quite set in yet that we were in Europe, but I think just sitting there it became fairly real. If we learned anything from last year, the food and atmosphere in Norway never disappoint.  If we ever stop in Oslo again, I’m sure we will venture out  once again to find another perfect little cafe.

That perfect little cafe - Eidsvoll, Norway That perfect little cafe - Eidsvoll, Norway Reviewed by Brandon on March 25, 2017 Rating: 5



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