Why AirAsia's Value Pack is Worth it

On board a Thai AirAsia Airbus A320
Ultra Low-cost carriers are springing up all over the world and Asia is no exception. AirAsia is frequently named one of the best ULCCs in the sky and they offered some of the only non-stops for our upcoming trip.

First though, I’d have to navigate their gauntlet of a website.

Overall, I found the experience similar to Spirit or Allegiant without an emphasis on car rentals or hotels. Instead, AirAsia seemed to want to sell me everything possible for the flight

Normally I skip everything and go carry-on only, but that’s not possible with a long trip like ours. For one trip AirAsia wanted $24 SGD for a checked bag. Unlike Spirit and Allegiant, some AirAsia flyers complain about being separated from others on the same reservation if they don’t buy a seat and we definitely wanted to sit together, which would add $3 SGD.

AirAsia offers a “Value Pack” for $28 SGD, which includes a bag, seat and meal for the flight so we decided to go for it. I still feel weird about paying such a large fee to an airline since I’m so adverse to fees, but I think it’s for the best and provides a decent value. It's worth noting the Value Pack is only available during the initial booking process.

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ULCCs are all about unbundling the fare to keep prices low. The AirAsia Value Pack is a good example of how bundling can work to provide customers with the best value for their money. AirAsia made the process seamless.
Why AirAsia's Value Pack is Worth it Why AirAsia's Value Pack is Worth it Reviewed by Brandon on August 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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