How we did it: Venice to Milan

Milano Centrale Railway Station, Milan, Italy
Milan was never on our itinerary, but since Trenitalia wasn’t running a train that could connect us to Switzerland, we decided to overnight in Milan so we could catch our train.

The next day I booked us an early evening train to Naples. Since we only had a 24-hour boat pass we decided to walk to Venezia Santa Lucia to catch our train. It took about a half-hour with the suitcase, but allowed us to get a last glimpse at Venice.

This time we took Trenitalia to Milan since Italo doesn’t serve this route. Fortunately for us Trenitalia offers a generous allotment of ‎€9.90 fares and I snagged one about a month before departure. I also purchased the tickets from Milan to Luzern in the same reservation just in case something went wrong we could adjust the whole reservation at one time.

This service was on a Eurocity train that has a bizarre seat numbering system. Online it showed our seats were together, but for some reason 82 and 88 were next to each other and 84/86 were on the other side. We had 86 and 88, but just decided to sit together. Nobody bothered us since the train wasn’t full.

The ride was uneventful. Mostly because we slept the entire way.
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I booked us a wonderful hotel a short walk from the train station. We found the area around the station a bit sketchy at night, but it got much nicer a block or two away.

Hotels in Milan were very expensive, but I used some connections to get great discount at NH Machiavelli. The hotel served us the best breakfast we had on our trip. I especially liked that the staff took extra steps like making art in the cappuccino foam and offering a wide variety in the buffet. I would recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Milan.
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