How We Did It: New York-Rome

Tara is posting all about things we did during our trip to Europe, but my job is to get us there.

It all started with an email from WOW air advertising $129 fares from New York to Reykjavik. It was cheaper than Norwegian’s deals so I decided to investigate...then I got an email from Norwegian advertising $149 fares from New York to Oslo. It was about as low as they’d go prior to the recent $65 (!) sale so I decided to pounce.

In some cases, Norwegian will extend a fare deal beyond the non-stop routes listed so I started checking destinations that were on our radar. WOW is more limited on its connections and I quickly realized it wouldn’t work to get us there.

I saw the cheapest fare Oslo-Rome at about $30. Individually this would be $180 with a six-hour connection, but it meant we’re on the hook if our first flight is late. I then spotted Norwegian offering a $185 deal for the same flights.
Screenshot 2017-04-14 at 11.38.24 PM
Our confirmation showing $371 one-way fare for two people
Sold as a package they’re obligated to help in a delay, so I bought the tickets. Sure it means we have a six-hour layover in Oslo...making for one very long day with a red-eye, but combined with some intuitive planning by Tara we were able to really make a memorable day of it that didn’t feel like a full travel day.
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