Review: Toledo and Segovia in a Day with Amigo Tours

You could easily spend a day or more in both Toledo and Segovia, but our time was short and we didn’t want to skip either. As I started researching options, I quickly decided an organized tour would be the easiest and most affordable way to see the two cities in a day. There are many sites offering this tour at varying cost but, in the fine print, I generally found they were almost all operated by Amigo Tours. I settled on buying from Civitatis, which sold the 11 hour tour for $55 each. It was the cheapest price, even less than through Amigo Tours directly.

7:30am - Boarding
We showed up before the sun fully rose at the Plaza de Toros. Two Amigos buses and a full-size van were already parked in the bus lanes. I was nervous about finding the departure spot after reading some reviews complaining about finding the pick-up point, but it was very easy. Boarding was just about to get underway. The tour guides introduced themselves in English and Spanish and divided the group up onto a respective bus based on their preferred language. There were more English speakers so the van became overflow for the English tour.

7:45am - Departure
It was immediately clear Amigos is experienced in dealing with large groups. The guides were extremely efficient and despite having about 120 people, managed the group with ease and personalized service.

Our bus had two guides on board, so the ratio of guides to people was a manageable 1:25.

They took turns discussing what we would see. One focused on Toledo and the other on Segovia before giving us some time to rest.

8:45am - Toledo Overlook
Traffic was light and we got to our first stop after an approximately 45 minute journey. The guides divided the group and told us we would stay with our assigned guide for the day. We then separated and were given a chance to take in the breathtaking scenic overlook. The city feels like something out of a fairy tale. The old buildings reflected beautifully in the morning sunlight. I could have lingered for much longer, but the guides were efficient and moved us back to the buses. There was a lot to see.

9am - Toledo Walking Tour
We got off the buses and grouped with our guides again. Claudia used a small headset and loudspeaker to ensure we could hear her as she began our walking tour. The volume pierced through the otherwise quiet streets as the city seemed to be just waking up.

She walked very quickly while stopping to point out the main attractions. Unfortunately, given our short trip, we wouldn’t have time to go inside most of them. We spent several minutes at Catedral Primada (Toledo Cathedral), the gorgeous landmark of the city before ending the tour at Plaza Zocodover about an hour later.

10am - Toledo Free Time
Claudia gave us roughly 90 minutes to explore on our own. We opted to have a quick snack, browse the shops and visit the Museo del Ejército (Army Museum) inside the Alcázar de Toledo.

11:30am - Depart Toledo
Everyone was on time at our meeting point. We followed Claudia down winding streets and walkways to the buses and were soon on our way to Segovia. The guides again briefly discussed what we would see and then left us to our own devices. We slept for the duration and woke up as we pulled into Segovia.

1:30pm - Arrive Segovia
The buses came to a halt near the shadow of the towering aqueduct that dominates the landscape. The city is known for its pork and our stomachs were starting to rumble given the lunch hour. Claudia recommended a few places and dishes, including the famous suckling pig, and instructed us to come back at 3pm for an optional walking tour or we could meet the bus at 4:45pm.

We walked along the streets to a small shop that sold ham sandwiches. The pork was very good, but we opted not to have the suckling. Tara treated herself to a churro with chocolate sauce for dessert before we picked up some souvenirs and met up with Claudia.

3pm - Segovia Walking Tour
About half of our group participated in the walking tour. Claudia expertly navigated the streets while discussing the city’s amazing history. This time, I appreciated her loudspeaker so I could hear her over the buzz from Segovia’s streets that were filled with tourists and locals alike. We passed by the famous Cathedral of Segovia and ended at the Alcazar, roughly one mile from the starting point.

3:45pm - Alcázar de Segovia
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered a must-see attraction, which also means it’s crowded. The interior rooms give a good look at what life was like in the Late Middle Ages.

Claudia appeared to have a minor hiccup getting our tickets (included in the price of the tour) because the process seemed to take a long time. She then shocked us when she instructed us to be back at the meeting point at 4:45pm. This allowed for about 40 minutes to see the inside, but she assured us it would be enough time.

Everyone quickly walked to the entrance only to realize Claudia forgot to give us the map/guide that explains what we’re seeing. We wasted a few minutes tracking it down and then made our way through the museum.
We appreciated the restoration work and standout architecture.

The Alcázar’s windows provided picturesque views of the hillside landscape.

Claudia was correct that we didn’t need too long inside and in hindsight the timeline probably prevented us from dawdling, but I still would have liked an extra 15 minutes.

4:45pm - Depart Segovia
Finally, we made our way out and back to the shadow of the aqueduct.

Some people apparently got lost, so we ended up waiting an extra few minutes before loading the buses and making our way back toward Madrid a little after 5pm.

6:30pm - Arrive Madrid
There was some rush-hour traffic as we got toward the city. Finally, we arrived back at the Plaza de Toros. We jumped on the Metro and headed back towards our hotel for dinner and called it a night.

Overall, Amigos Tours did a great job and I would definitely recommend them. This tour makes for a long day, but if you’re limited on time, it’s an affordable way to see the highlights of these two amazing and beautiful cities without wasting any time.
Review: Toledo and Segovia in a Day with Amigo Tours Review: Toledo and Segovia in a Day with Amigo Tours Reviewed by Brandon on May 04, 2020 Rating: 5

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