How to see (and appreciate) the Louvre in three hours with directions

The Louvre is an icon of Paris and an art lover’s dream. The museum is a former fortress and residence of French Kings, which dates to the 12th century. Unfortunately for today’s visitors the layout doesn’t make for the easiest visit to see the highlights so there are a lot of ups and downs.

Let’s be clear, you can spend an entire day here and not appreciate everything it has to offer. This guide is for those who only have a few hours and want to see the highlights.

You can enter anywhere, but for simplicity, we began the guide near the main entrance.

Start:You’ll likely begin your journey on the Lower Ground Floor (-1) under the pyramid. Look for signs pointing to the three different wings of the Louvre (Richelieu, Sully and Denon) and head toward Richelieu

Continue straight up to room 104, turn right into 105 and go up the stairs to Floor 0, arriving at the Law Code of Hammurabi in room 227.

Proceed through the 230 toward the restrooms, turn left in room 231, left toward room 309, and turn right through 300 until you reach the stairs. Go back down to Floor -1, make a u-turn and visit the Medieval Moats from the original construction in 1190 in room 133.

Continue around the moats in 133 and go back upstairs near 338 to Floor 0 and the Great Sphinx of Tanis.

Walk through galley 339 to room 346 to Venus de Milo.

From there, proceed into galley 347 and 408 then go upstairs to Winged Victory (you will pass her again) in 703.

Take an opportunity to view the Apollo Gallery in 705.

Exit right into galley 661, turn left into 663, past the stairs into 601 and the portrait of Louis XIV (NOTE: This may have been moved to a different room).

Return back past Winged Victory, turn left into galley 709 go to the wall, turn right into galley 710 and view the works of Leonardo da Vinci in the 13th to 15th Century Italy section. Appreciate the other paintings here, too. 

Head toward the masses viewing his most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, in 711.

Expect large crowds as you push politely make your way to the front.

Take a breath after battling the crowd and turn right out of the galley into room 702 to see the Coronation of Napoleon

Return back toward the Mona Lisa exit, past the gift shop into room 700 and view Liberty Leading the People

Head down the stairs into 403 and Michelangelo’s Dying Slave and Rebellious Slave sculptures. Continue straight through the room and head downstairs to where you entered.

Bonus: We also didn’t mention the Napoleon III Apartments. If you’d like to add it on, we recommend going first after entering the museum, last before leaving or after viewing the painting of Louis XIV.
How to see (and appreciate) the Louvre in three hours with directions How to see (and appreciate) the Louvre in three hours with directions Reviewed by Brandon on May 11, 2020 Rating: 5

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