Chase travel insurance can leave you stranded

Leaving Keflavik International Airport, Iceland
By now you probably know I recommend paying all travel by credit card. My card of choice for now is the Chase Sapphire Reserve card because of its previously generous sign-up bonus and bonus points in travel/dining. I also like its travel insurance.

When rented a car in Iceland I was confident in declining the rental company’s insurance because of Chase’s insurance. All trips purchased with the card are also covered by its travel insurance, which is similar to what you’d buy from a third party.

It typically covers your trip if someone in your party gets sick or has to cancel for a covered reason. It’s also useful if your trip is delayed due to weather. I discovered there’s a glaring gap in the coverage that caused my claim to be denied.

When my last trip to Vegas on Spirit was cancelled because of “crew availability” I contacted Chase’s third-party insurer to see what coverage I would have in the event Spirit couldn’t get me a flight that worked for my schedule. The agent told me under the “Trip Cancellation” benefit, there is no coverage for cancellations unless it’s related to a weather event. I was shocked, but after reviewing the covered events it seems the cancellation benefit has little teeth. This also means if you’re on a lengthy mechanical delay that results in the trip being cancelled the trip isn’t covered. Thankfully in this case the only money I would have been out was a $30 non-refundable hotel room. Fortunately the hotel graciously refunded it.

You may find some coverage through the “Trip Delay” benefit, but it’s of little use when you’re in your home city. An agent explained if I used ground transportation to get to the airport they may reimburse that, but not the wasted parking costs.

I contacted Chase to complain about this gap. The agent seemed surprised and took note for whatever good it may do. I previously complained (along with other members) that the Reserve card will reimburse Global Entry and Pre-Check, but not the cheaper NEXUS program or slightly more expensive SENTRI.

So far they haven’t changed the policy.
Chase travel insurance can leave you stranded Chase travel insurance can leave you stranded Reviewed by Brandon on July 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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